faiz 1st birthday party bash!

besday boy

yum yum.. CHEEZE CHOC frm scret recipies

2nd March 09 & it was the day faiz turned 1 yr! mommy & baba decided to hold birthday celebration for him since it's a special no.that he achieved... Alhamdullilah, pnjng umur anak ako. from d beginning lg I & FK decided to celebrate tp mase xde. fk sebok ngan kursus plus mak busy preparing nak g umrah lak.. byk kali tukar date due to tight schedule( fk la tu). the party was great ! kkgkwn f.k dr penang pon dtg. everyone had fun especially d kids mase games time. a big 'Thank You' for making Faiz's party such a great success and to mcdonald staffs, thank you very much for your prompt service..

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